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The Problem: Constantly digging through a bulky wallet wastes time and energy in our busy world.The average person uses 1-2 main cards throughout their day.

The Solution: The SERMAN BRANDS 2.0 wallet gives you quick access to your favorite or most used card. 


With the SERMAN BRANDS Smart Tab you would never have to worry about a disorganized wallet! Store up to 5 cards and easily access them by pulling on the tab 


Professional and convenient Cash Slot. Serman Brands 2.0 holds up to 10 bills.


Problem: Identity Theft is at All Time High. The Secret to Keeping Your Data Safe! Unless properly shielded, your card-based data is readily available when any active reader is in range!

Solution: SERMAN BRANDS 2.0 is equipped with RFID Blocking technology. The Best Way to Protect Your Smart Cards from unwanted capture of data. 


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